Mediation is an alternative method of resolving disputes outside the courts, with the help of a mediator who is a neutral party that helps the parties to the dispute reach agreement on a matter in which the parties have a common interest along with their disagreements. Mediation enables compromise and resolution without any legal process. Mediation is a voluntary process and is based on the good will of the parties; mediation can be conducted in any area in which there is a dispute, for example:

Business disputes – between partners or competitors.

Inheritance – between heirs.

In the workplace – between an employee and an employer, or between employees.

Consumer affairs – between a service provider and a customer.

Divorce, separation, childcare – between spouses during, before and after marriage.

Our firm believes that the mediation process is the recommended procedure for people who are in conflict and want to avoid the bureaucracy and the heavy costs of conducting the proceedings in the courts. One can turn to mediation proceedings at any stage of the dispute, as long as no decision has been given by the court.

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