Att. Ish-Shalom has bachelor’s (LL.B.) and master’s (LL.M.) degrees in law (commercial law, from Bar Ilan University. He is a member of the Israel Bar Association in which he serves in a number of positions; he is Deputy Chair of the Taxation Committee, Co-Chair of the V.A.T., Income Tax and Administration of Account Books Committee and Co-Chair of the Cyber and Social Media Committee, all in the Tel Aviv District. He acts as an authorized arbitrator and mediator and has also studied internal auditing (CIA).

Att. Ish-Shalom previously worked in the Investigation Department of the Israel Tax Authority, with 22 years’ experience and comprehensive training in tax law, investigation and intelligence. In his work with the Israel Tax Authority, he specialized in civil and criminal tax law.

 Among the positions that he filled were Senior Investigator in the Investigation Unit of the Customs and V.A.T. Branch, Haifa and the North, he was Intelligence Collection Officer in the classified National Intelligence Unit, nicknamed “The Invisible” that deals with gathering intelligence by a variety of secret means for the purpose of establishing evidence against tax offenders who act in an organized manner and on a huge scale, he was Intelligence Collection Officer in the “Foilers” Unit whose job is to “foil” tax offenses, at an early stage, by means of advanced information systems, and taking action against the offenders.


Att. Ish-Shalom has a wealth of experience in tax law and economic offenses; this experience has been accumulated during his work with the Israel Tax Authority, where he handled a wide range of complex and complicated cases, relating to a variety of types of tax offenses (V.A.T., income tax, purchase tax, customs duty and excise duty). Large- scale investigations involving a large number of suspects, large scale property and evidence on a very large scale.

In 2019, Att. Ish-Shalom left the Israel Tax Authority and set out to establish an independent, boutique law firm which provides personalized services in the field of taxation and corporate law, which are complex and dynamic areas.

משרד עורכי דין וגישור יניב איש שלום ושות'

Att. Ish-Shalom’s extensive professional experience, acquired during his 22 years of work and training at the Israel Tax Authority, together with his personal, in-depth acquaintance of the professionals within the Tax Authority, his knowledge of the procedures and practices in the units of the Tax Authority, the investigative units, the account auditors at the V.A.T. stations and the Income Tax inspectors, come together to form a winning package that brings impressive results for the firm’s clients.