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Yaniv Ish-Shalom and Partners is a boutique law firm that specializes in a variety of areas of law, including civil law, commercial law and litigation, corporate law, tax law, civil and criminal law, white-collar crime and money laundering, that are connected to tax offenses; the firm also provides arbitration, mediation and dispute settlement services for both the private and business sectors.


Att. Ish-Shalom is a former officer of the Israel Tax Authority’s Investigations Division, with a wealth of 22 years’ experience in all matters concerning Tax Authority investigations and intelligence. While working in the Tax Authority, Att. Ish-Shalom played leading roles and even managed complex and intricate cases concerning a range of tax offenses, (V.A.T., income tax, purchase tax, customs duties and excise tax).


Att. Ish-Shalom has accumulated exclusive, professional know-how in his fields of endeavor, which allows the firm to provide legal representation and consultancy in those areas, while paying attention to a high level of service, alongside uncompromising professionalism.


The firm gives added value, which constitutes a competitive advantage, which can be seen in results on the ground – alongside our legal and practical knowledge in the field of tax law. Att. Ish-Shalom has a deep, personal acquaintance of the professionals in the Tax Authority, together with their working procedures and the complex systems that serve them.